Joker Sport

joker sport indoor court flooring

This flooring is a portable sport or permanent flooring composed of interlocking plastic tiles (PP).

This flooring has been initially engineered and developed for inline hockey becoming the official surface of World Skate International Federation during World Championship Hockey Inline 2021.  Official surface of Italian Hockey League. Thanks to its great versatility, it has been also used by the Italian Field Hockey Federation, the Italian Paralympic Committee at the National Paralympic Day and partner of Italian National League Basketball for few years.

The features of the raw materials used and the great versatility of the surface make, Joker Sport perfect to be placed both outdoor and indoor. Our production uses all Italian products. Our Sport Flooring are ensure high quality controls and guarantees excellent standards in terms of final results.

Thanks to a great shoes grip this surface is the best solution to play a wide range of sports as its performance level equals that of a traditional hardwood flooring. Inline hockey, roller hockey, figure skating, basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball are some of the sports that can be practiced on Joker Sport.

Joker Sport can used in place of PVC or resin flooring thanks has a perfectly smooth upper face of tiles. Which results in reducing costs as the surface installation does not require skilled staff.

All the materials used are high quality and are UV ray/mold/fungus resistant. Joker Sport is available in any colour for orders that exceed 200 mq.


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