Joker Sport Tennis

joker sport tennis court low cost flooring

Joker Sport Tennis is a portable and permanent sport flooring for Tennis, composed of plastic tiles (pp) that are easy to assemble thanks to the immediate joint.

This flooring is the perfect solution to play tennis and most of the sports that involve the use of a ball. Its technical and performance features are similar to a concrete or resin flooring, with the advantage to be safety.

Our products, as well as all the materials used, are entirely produced in Italy: this ensures high quality controls, and guarantees excellent standards in terms of final results.

Thanks to a great shoes grip and bounce of ball, Joker Sport Tennis is one of the best solution to play tennis in a portable or temporary flooring. This surface has pass test of Tennis Committee with velocity 5 (ITF5). Every tile has a perforated upper face that was studied to guarantee the perfect use also in case of rain, as it maintains the surface dry.

All the materials used are high quality and are UV ray/mold/fungus resistant. Joker Duo is available in any color for orders that exceed 250 mq as all others Joker Sport Flooring.

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