Acrylic Resin

acrylic resin multisport court flooring basketball playground

While developing a sport pavement, it is essential to keep in mind the function of the sport that will be played on it. The type of sport and its respective rules will determine its characteristics known as federal rules or regulations (dimensions, markings…). However, the pavement must also adapt to the athlete and allow for improvements in performance and protection from injury.

Among all the possible solutions that are available in the national and international market for outdoor ball sports, Acrylic Resin is the one that provides the most balanced set of properties.

The concrete or asphalt pavement base and the synthetic resin finish ensure proper sliding, good resistance to abrasion, as well as a suitable esthetic appearance, contributing to comfort during play. The need for maintenance is practically non-existent.

This Acrylic resin is manufactured under the strictest of quality norms, ensuring an unbeatable performance even in extreme temperatures from -10 to 500.

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