Training hockey inline at home with Joker Hockey Box Kit

Training hockey inline at home with the Joker Hockey Box kit. In other words it is perfect solution to continue the inline hockey activity in your garage or in your home yard. To clarify, you need a open space of concrete where you can install 3 square meters of flooring and you can start your hockey inline practice.

Box kit consists of 48 modular tiles of the Joker Sport interlocking tiles flooring, which form a space of 3 square meters, and 1 puck. With Joker Hockey Box you can perform hockey inline individual skills exercises and even throw towards the goal net. The flooring is excellent for inline & roller hockey and faithfully reproduces the plastic flooring present in the Italian inline hockey championship. Therefore many Federations and team around the Europe are using Joker Sport in own practice and rinks.

For instance training at home has never been easier. Training hockey inline at home with the Joker Hockey Box kit and improve your individual stick handling and shooting skills.

Installation of flooring

In conclusion assembling is elementary and requires no tools or glues. Flooring can dismantled easily when you finish practice. You need just 10 minutes to install and dismantled the flooring.

More information about installation of Joker Hockey Box kit are in this video. In addition You can find also other interesting videos of inline hockey training in our youtube channel.

Testimonials trains hockey inline

Players as Julien Thomas, Nejc Sotlar and Dave Hammond used Joker Hockey Box kit to improve own individual skills.

The kits can be modulated according to the required size. For more information contact us.

Contacts Joker Floors

Joker Floors is Roller & Hockey Inline Flooring specialist can ship the box in many countries around the world.

For any inquiries for your team rinks or general question just to contact us, we’ll pleasure send you a great quotation.


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