joker floors sport flooringThis flooring is a portable sport or permanent flooring composed of interlocking plastic tiles (PP).

This flooring has been initially engineered and developed for inline hockey becoming the official surface of the Italian Hockey League. Thanks to its great versatility, it has been also used by the Italian Field Hockey Federation,the Italian Paralympic Committee at the National Paralympic Day and partner of Italian National League Basketball for few years.

The features of the raw materials used and the great versatility of the surface make, Joker Sport perfect to be placed both outdoor and indoor. Our production uses all Italian products. Our Sport Flooring are ensure high quality controls and guarantees excellent standards in terms of final results.

Thanks to a great shoes grip this surface is the best solution to play a wide range of sports as its performance level equals that of a traditional hardwood flooring. Inline hockey, roller hockey, figure skating, basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball are some of the sports that can be practiced on Joker Sport.

Joker Sport can used in place of PVC or resin flooring thanks has a perfectly smooth upper face of tiles. Which results in reducing costs as the surface installation does not require skilled staff.

All the materials used are high quality and are UV ray/mold/fungus resistant. Joker Sport is available in any colour for orders that exceed 200 mq


BenefitsTechinical SpecificationsFAQ Designer
  • INSTALLATION: Fast and Easy
  • LOW COST: Excellent Quality/Price Ratio
  • EXISTING SURFACES: Ideal installing on existing floors without removing it
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Antibacterial, resistant to detergents and UV protection
  • MATERIAL: Polypropylen (PP)
  • PRODUCTION: 100% Made in Italy
  • DIMENSIONS: 25,00 cm x 25,00 cm x 1,30 cm
  • STRUCTURE: Honeycomb
  • UPPER FACE: Full
  • COLOURS: Any colours (order exceed 250 square meters)

1. Do Joker Sport floors require a clime-controlled building?
Unlike in many other flooring systems, Joker Sport floors can be installed within a wide range of temperatures. They are suitable for venues with high rising dump. Moreover, cold and hot temperatures do not modify in general the product features, making Joker Sport a valid alternative to wooden or other sport flooring.

2. By comparison with other products, how Joker Sport positions itself in the market?
Joker Sport tiles provide an excellent alternative to the traditional flooring. The price is lower than the majority of other solutions and, considering the easy male/female interlocking, the installation cost is much lower than with other systems. As to the maintenance costs, Joker Sport is the ideal option for any budget-conscious choice, without giving up an uncompromising quality.
3. Why do we recommend to install tiles?
Joker Sport stands for durability. Unlike the majority of the other products such as resins, vinyl or wood, plastic floor cannot be modified by water, steam or rising dump. Many of our installations are on top of surfaces damaged by seepage or flooding.
4. Is Joker Sport manufacturing or installation making use of harmful materials or chemicals?
Absolutely not. Joker Sport meets safety standards being free from harmful chemicals. Unlike other products, during floor installation it is not necessary to ventilate the area to eliminate installation smells. Uninstalling it, no residues are left.
5. Which colors are available?
Manufacturing directly in our premises in Italy, the product can be color customized (for orders exceeding 250 sqm.). We manage the RAL color chart. It is therefore possible to build the court with your sports club colors or even logos or sponsors directly in the flooring.
6. What makes this court different from the other floors?
When it comes to indoor sport flooring there are many available options, but few offer Joker Sport’s versatility. Furthermore, this type of flooring is regularly adopted by the Italian Hockey Federation and the Italian Inline Hockey Federation, as well as by the Paralympic Italian Committee (CIP) during the National Paralympic Days.
7. How long does it take to install this kind of flooring?
Generally, it can be installed in few hours, since the floor is shipped in pre-assembled panels 100cm x 100cm or 100cm x 75cm. Before the installation on site, we recommend to wait 24 hours to allow the materials to adapt to the venue’s climatic conditions.
8. How it is performed the general maintenance on Joker Sport?
The maintenance is easy and cost-effective, compared to the other sport flooring. A floor-washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or even a damp mop are suitable to keep the floor clean. Joker Sport is also rid-able with an operator-driven floor-washing machine.
9. Why this flooring is considered a multi-sport flooring?
Joker Sport is suitable for the majority of sports, without the typical limits of other materials. Wooden floors need expensive refurbishments, at least once a year maintenance and can easily be damaged by water. The majority of synthetic surfaces must be glued and might have problems with rising dump from the bottom foundation. The Joker Sport surfaces are suitable for practically all sports, indoor or outdoor. The tiles are durable and damage resistant. Their design, anyway, allows very easy repairs. Joker Sport is a safe and playable surface, with extremely low maintenance costs compared to other materials of the industry.
10. Where is this interlocking manufactured?
Joker Sport is manufactured in Tuscany and it is completely made in Italy. The production process and the quality are directly checked by us. All the production materials are high quality (LyondellBasell) and UV resistant.