Joker Sport and Joker Sport Dry are entirely produced in Italy in our factories.
Our products are composed of plastic tiles that can be assembled thanks to an easy male-female interlocking joint that allows the perfect suface installation without the use of glues and without the help of skilled staff.

Our flooring structure was studied to have a perfect grip performance both with shoes and skates, and a ball bounce that equals the one on the concrete. Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Handball, Figure skating are some of the sports that can be practiced on Joker Sport and Joker Sport Dry.

Our products can be placed both indoor and outdoor and can be easily removed and stocked as they do not require to be glued. Our products are also UV rays/ mold resistant. Joker Sport Floorings have been conceived to be installed both outdoor and indoor and since they are not sticked together with glue, they can be easily removed and stored.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, our surfaces are both UV ray and molds resistant. Since our floorings do not imply costs related to the lay down and to the maintenance, they are the best solution compared to the most common sport surfaces on the market.


Joker Sport floorings have been conceived to accommodate a wide range of different sports: their technical and perfomance features result in a multi-sport surface. Thanks to a ball bounce that equals the one on the concrete, Joker Sport floorings are the best solutions to play basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball and skating.

Because of their great versatility, Joker Sport and Joker Sport Dry have been selected for many important sporting events: by the Italian Paralympic Commettee at the National Paralympic Day; by the Italian Field Hockey Federation at the Euro Hockey League finals and at the Senior and Junior championship finals; by the Italian Inline Hockey League as the official surface; by the Hockey Pieve 010 team for Serie A1 (Roller Hockey top division); by the Hockey Paolo Bonomo team for the indoor hockey field championship (top division).


Our flooring is delivered in pre-assembled panels (of about 1 square meter) made up of 12/16 tiles that are kept together thanks to a simple click joint.

The plastic materials used are high quality polypropylene and the production is totally Made in Italy. Joker Sport and Joker Sport Dry are UV ray/mold/fungs resistant, so they can be fitted also outdoor. Our flooring can be easily cleaned with a common flooring cleanser and they are almost maintenance-free.

The repair is easy and immediate as it is possible to intervene any time by replacing the single damaged tile. Both flooring are available in any colour for orders that exceed 200 mq.