modular teqball flooring interlocking

Joker Sport has become the suitable flooring for the new sport Teqball

modular teqball flooring interlockingThe modular sports floor Joker Sport has become, thanks to its flexibility, the suitable flooring for the new sport Teqball.

We have installed the removable Joker Sport floor in the Teqball Albania Center in Tirana, where matches and international tournaments will be held. To integrate with the environment and with the usual Teqball table orange / dark gray colors, the color Grey (RAL 7040) has been chosen. A  cushioning mat has been added to improve shock absorption and prevent injuries from the game.

Teqball is a new game between two players (in the singles game) or 3/4 players, where a special table is used, similar to the table tennis one. It is played on this curved table with a regular soccer ball (no. 5 or other size), hitting the ball with every part of the body except the hands. This sport is on the rise, involving several professional footballers for its ease, fun and as a complement to traditional training.

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