joker hockey kit box


What is “Joker Hockey Box”?

It is a box containing 2mq of LNH official rink, perfect to practice hockey wherever you want and to improve your skills with or without skates.

Who is this product addressed to?

It has been specifically studied for all those hockey players who want to improve their skills and abilities, in terms of puck shooting, crossing and control.

How can I use it?

Assembling Joker Hockey box is easy and immediate. Each package is composed of 32 tiles (25cmx25cm, thickness: 1,3 cm) that form a mini-hockey rink perfect to practice stick handling, shooting and passing with your friends.

What do I need to assemble the rink?

All you need is a leveled surface (indoor or outdoor), for example a parking or your garage. You don’t need any glue or binding agent, therefore you can disassemble and transport the floor any time you want.

Can I choose the tiles colour?

Unfortunately at the moment you cannot choose the rink colour.

Where can I buy the box?

Contact our authorized retailers/agents or write us directly at mail