Joker Floors rewards to the Final Six FIHP Cup Hockey Inline

Once again Joker Floors has a leading role in inline hockey. The company is already partner of Lega Nazionale Hockey (Italian National Hockey League) and produces Joker Sport, which is a specific flooring for inline hockey. Joker Floors is going to offer the prizes for the 1st Final Six for the FIHP Cup, that will take place on December 19 and 20 at Pala Massa in Monleale, where recently a rink for inline hockey and figure skating have been realized using the modular flooring Joker Sport.

Six teams, after passing the eliminating rounds, are going to take part in the Final Six to compete for the Trophy Cup FIHP, which has been offered by FIHP (Italian Hockey and Skating Italian Federation) in collaboration with Joker Floors.

The teams that will compete for this first edition are: Monelale, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Asiago Newts and Cittadella. Besides offering the trophy to the winning team, Joker Floors is going to give prizes to the second- and the third-place teams and even to the best player, the best scorer and the best goalie of the whole event.

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