acrylic resin multisport sport flooring

While developing a sport pavement, it is essential to keep in mind the function of the sport that will be played on it. The type of sport and its respective rules will determine its characteristics known as federal rules or regulations (dimensions, markings…). However, the pavement must also adapt to the athlete and allow for improvements in performance and protection from injury.

Among all the possible solutions that are available in the national and international market for outdoor ball sports, Acrylic Resin is the one that provides the most balanced set of properties.

The concrete or asphalt pavement base and the synthetic resin finish ensure proper sliding, good resistance to abrasion, as well as a suitable esthetic appearance, contributing to comfort during play. The need for maintenance is practically non-existent.

This Acrylic resin is manufactured under the strictest of quality norms, ensuring an unbeatable performance even in extreme temperatures from -10 to 500.

BenefitsTechinical SpecificationsTab titleColours
  • TESTED HIGH QUALITY: Complies with the European standard UNE -EN 14877:2006 designed for “synthetic surfaces for outdoor sport areas ” and the European
    standard UNE-EN 14904:2006 for ” Indoor Surfaces for Multisports use.”
  • PLAYER COMFORT: Homogeneous and continuous surface without joints allowing a clean bounce over its entire surface and offering an open and confortable
    support seeking compromise between grip for quick movement and a comfortable grip limit to avoid overloading the player’s body.
  • HIGH STRENGHT AND DURABILITY: Excellent Quality/Price Ratio
  • EXISTING SURFACES: Ideal to be installed on existing floors without removing it
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Antibacterial, resistant to detergents and UV protection

  • Suitable to withstand all weather conditions.
  • High adhesion between layers, allowing a good stability over time.
  • Resistant Color: color stability has been achieved by using high quality materials and pigments and has been validated by accelerated irradiation tests to ensure long life without losing the vivacity of their original colors

  • Waterproof System
  • The evacuation of the water is done by surface run-off towards the side of the court thanks to two transverse slopes
  • Three-layer system on asphalt and four-layer system on concrete.
  • Product ready to apply.
  • Standard colors: Green, Blue, Red and Purple, in different shades (ask for more details).
  • Possibility to manufacture special colors on demand.